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11219 For two hours I watched him as he covered sheet after sheet of paper with figures and letters , so completely absorbed in his task that he had evidently forgotten my presence .
11595 We stood at the window and watched the cab drive away .
13343 I noticed her pass , but I had no special reason for watching her .
18762 They have evidently taken the precaution of watching you , however , and that is what has brought Moriarty to Victoria .
60899 John_Bertrand , the Australian national hero , has returned as skipper , and with the addition of Rod_Davis , who was the skipper for New_Zealand in the previous Cup competition , they have gained a reputation as the ones to watch .
61194 What we are watching is the globalization of the market economy brought by the reconciliation between the East and the West .
61217 Including the process of preliminary investigations , we are closely watching for results .
102751 The one thing to watch out for is how these two types of classical music vary in terms of presentation and musical invocation .
103683 Opening the festival with light and fire , France_'s_Compagnie_Carabosse is one group to watch out for .
103889 Watch as chefs skewer lengths of Tandoori chicken and cook them in the two clay ovens in the middle , while Naans are made and baked right in front of you .

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