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61362 Based on the very painful experience of the Minamata_Disease over forty some years , it can be said that the level of technology developed by Japan for analyzing the effects of organic mercury on the natural environment and the human body is the highest in the world .
61530 Particularly , it was intended to help children to develop practical academic skills and a well-rounded personality by freeing them from cramming down a hodge-podge of information and providing them more opportunity to go through a diverse range of experiences first hand .
61551 To become a medical practitioner , it is a nonbinding target to go through two or more years of clinical training after having completed medical education and passed the national examination for the physicians ' license .
100284 Experience a wide range of activities and explore new locations you 're bound to have a delightful time in Singapore .
101019 It was lucky to have survived intact during the Japanese air raids , and during the Japanese_Occupation its strategic location in the city saw it being used as a hospital .
102942 With so much to see and do , this is perhaps best experienced through your encounters with the locals .
103200 With offers and promotions specially created for the business traveller , enjoy the diverse offerings of business and leisure activities and have an enriched Singapore experience .
103308 With a wide variety of dishes from local to Japanese cuisine , it is pleasing to see that Carousel does not fall short in terms of taste and quality of food and service .

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