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13908 ' The night was fine , but still it was a very weary vigil .
46452 Our friends are wise , for it is certainly a very fine morning for a walk . '
47835 ' You 'll be all right to-morrow . '
55822 ' My face lengthened at this , Mr. Holmes , for I thought that I was not to have the vacancy after all ; but after thinking it over for a few minutes , he said that it would be all right .
55859 He started me off upon the letter A , and then he left me ; but he would drop in from time to time to see that all was right with me .
61974 In particular , it is said that Mr._Kaifu intends to take full advantage of his question time and put forward " proposal-style " questions to clarify the party 's political view and how it differs from the government measures and policies , which will be fine if the debate during the process leads to the revelation of issues to be confronted .
62065 I wonder if this is all right .

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