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10161 In her right hand was found the charred stump of a match , and in her left a match-box . "
13379 The bell-rope hangs from the wire just to the right of my desk .
18835 Once , I remember , as we passed over the Gemmi , and walked along the border of the melancholy Daubensee , a large rock which had been dislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared into the lake behind us .
47137 A steep , boulder- sprinkled hill lay upon the right which had in bygone days been cut into a granite quarry .
47856 The light beneath him was reflected in his small , cunning eyes , which peered fiercely to right and left through the darkness , like a crafty and savage animal who has heard the steps of the hunters .
48888 He stood upon a chair , and holding up the light in his left hand , he curved his right arm over the broad hat and round the long ringlets .
49090 ' These rocks upon the right make an admirable screen . '
60685 Okada was rescued by his three fellow party members , with a serious injury of fracture of the right leg .
60777 When the wind is coming from the ship 's right side it is called a starboard tack , and when the wind is coming from the left it is called a port tack .
60784 There is one each on the left and right .

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