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13243 ' I was , as Watson may have told you , in the Foreign Office , and through the influence of my uncle , Lord Holdhurst , I rose rapidly to a responsible position .
61638 We hope that the investigative authority will eradicate the " root " of such crimes with the speedy roundup of those who are responsible and a full investigation of the circumstances in order to prevent a re-occurrence of these crimes .
61802 This law provides a system for private corporations where profits will not be allocated in principle and will be entirely reinvested for the purpose of activities , instead of being distributed to the founders and stakeholders , and once an organization submit or mail to the state government a simple form filled out with the organization 's name , name of the person responsible and other related items , it can be approved within several days of review ; it is said that approximately one_million organization have been registered in the US .
100079 National Parks , the body responsible for maintaining these parks , also offers a variety of guided tours and nature trails in parks and reserves , so you can learn more about native flora and fauna and eco-conservation in Singapore .
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