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11587 That 's God 's truth , gentlemen , every word of it , and I heard no more about it until that lad came riding up with a note which made me walk in here , like a jay , and give myself into your hands . "
45887 The moon shone clear above them , and they rode swiftly abreast , taking that course which the maid must needs have taken if she were to reach her own home .
45891 ' So the drunken squires cursed the shepherd and rode onwards .
45893 Then the revellers rode close together , for a great fear was on them , but they still followed over the moor , though each , had he been alone , would have been right glad to have turned his horse 's head .
45894 Riding slowly in this fashion , they came at last upon the hounds .
45897 The most of them would by no means advance , but three of them , the boldest , or , it may be the most drunken , rode forward down the goyal .
45901 And even as they looked the thing tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville , on which , as it turned its blazing eyes and dripping jaws upon them , the three shrieked with fear and rode for dear life , still screaming , across the moor .

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