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60825 The two-mast style was popular through the third America_'s_Cup in 1876 , but from the fourth competition a single mast style came to dominate .
61101 In Japan in the Taisho era , " Song of Yalu_Jiang , " a tune depicting rafts on the river , became popular .
61158 As a measure to get rid of bankrolled elections , attempt to bring back the system that nullifies the election results by popular proceedings , which was abolished after the war .
100033 Extremely popular in Cantonese restaurants , a good Hong_Kong-style_Wanton_Mee should feature slightly crunchy noodles and plump dumplings with a translucent skin , filled with goodies such as prawns , pork and black fungus .
100042 However , lean Char_Siew has become more popular with the health-conscious .
100045 Some popular food stalls that sell it include Foong_Kee_Coffee_Shop along Keong_Siak_Road , Kok_Kee_Wanton_Mee at Lavender_Food_Centre , and Happy_Wanton_Noodle at Bukit_Timah_Food_Centre .
100194 It has several tailors specialising in clothing alteration , and also popular food offerings .
100320 A popular variation is the masala thosai , accompanied by spiced potatoes and different types of sambar ( vegetarian curry ) .
100596 This popular Orchard_Road mall is also home to Robinson 's , Cold_Storage and Times bookstore , to meet all your fashion , grocery and reading desires .
100708 Plaza Singapura is one of the most popular malls in Singapore because of its simplicity and great location .

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