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60296 I am surprised to receive a big prize for my anti-design behavior , as my artistic philosophy is to bring my personal feelings into my designs .
100140 ( 2 ) the materials or content are used only for informational and non-commercial or personal use only and will not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media , and
100636 For a more personal session with the tenor , catch the exclusive on-stage interview as he talks about his extraordinary life and career .
101763 There are even privately funded ones , which usually showcase personal collections from renowned artists .
102343 You 'll enjoy extra leg-room , with a new footrest designed to allow for personal adjustment , and onboard service provided by the company 's fleet of bus stewards .
103064 At the end of their attachments , these designers will get the opportunity to design and launch a personal capsule collection in their name , which will be showcased at the next Asia_Fashion_Exchange event in 2011 , and be on their way to greater things in the fashion industry .
103246 The focus is visitor-centricity , meaning the experiences are made wholesome and personal , drawing their allure from the breadth and richness of attractions many have grown to love here in Singapore .
103248 Undoubtedly , each account will be different , but they will be personal and that is what will make them even more intriguing .
103251 But each remains personal and truly unique .
103636 The world 's first and only Michael_Graves_Gallery will present various products exclusively designed by Michael_Graves himself , including original drawings , fine art posters , books , stationery , personal accessories , kitchenware and even a fashion line for both men and ladies .

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