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10087 " You can imagine from what I say that my poor sister Julia and I had no great pleasure in our lives .
10174 " It is my belief that she died of pure fear and nervous shock , though what it was that frightened her I can not imagine . "
10187 Imagine , then , my thrill of terror when last night , as I lay awake , thinking over her terrible fate , I suddenly heard in the silence of the night the low whistle which had been the herald of her own death .
10231 " I can not imagine . "
10232 " I see many objections to any such theory . "
13435 ' You can imagine the state of things here when they were roused from their beds by the doctor 's ringing , and found me in this condition .
18761 Otherwise they could not have imagined that I had returned to my rooms .
45702 ' Because this stick , though originally a very handsome one , has been so knocked about that I can hardly imagine a town practitioner carrying it .
60062 " We imagine a terrible future in which one day the stock market suddenly disappears from Japan , " claimed financial institutions such as banks , security companies , insurance companies , and non-life insurance companies , and concerning the relief bank for credit unions that the government and the Bank_of_Japan established in the name of " maintenance of financial system order , " they are fearing that " using taxes for relieving ' bad ' financial institutions that lost sight of their responsibility in the bubble economy is being criticized by Cabinet members , because it may cause serious problems in case of failure . If this is the case , this will be a national-level crime . "
60714 After Kazama departed , she would spread out the itinerary he gave her every day and imagine where he was .

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