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10571 As he spoke he drew the dog- whip swiftly from the dead man 's lap , and throwing the noose round the reptile 's neck he drew it from its horrid perch and , carrying it at arm 's length , threw it into the iron safe , which he closed upon it .
60198 Mothers and sisters carry young drunken men home as the morning dawns .
60247 Director-General Peter_Southerland emphasized this is " a historic moment , " carrying off the GATT sign to the entrance hall of the GATT headquarters in Geneva .
61887 However , when the trucks carrying the relief supplies became held up on their way to the disaster area , or when we see the flames left uncontrolled , we can not help but wonder if there were not more precise measures .
61953 There have been a conspicuous number of private volunteers on their way to Kobe on foot or on bicycles carrying food or daily essentials .
101174 This may entail carrying a pot of milk , but mortification of the flesh by piercing the skin , tongue or cheeks with skewers is also common a sign of their faith to the religion .
103273 The first batches of devotees usually carry milk pots and wooden Kavadis .
103276 The milk they have been carrying is then offered to Lord Subrahmanya at the Sri_Thendayuthapani_Temple .
103277 Some devotees also pierce their tongues with skewers and carry a garlanded wooden arch across their shoulders .
103278 Devotees carrying spiked Kavadis , which require elaborate preparations , leave the temple in the later part of the morning and continue till night .

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