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11119 But we have several small watering-places not very far away .
60179 A small village located in Phayao_Province , northern Thailand .
60180 The mountain-dwelling Mon people of this small village commanding a view of the mountains of the Laotian border spend their first day of January 1995 , in drinking celebrations .
60200 The small village lives on cross-border trade .
60213 As of November 1994 , 75 percent of small to medium businesses were privatized , and a considerable number of large companies have also been privatized .
60830 The yachts became smaller , with an overall length of 20_meters .
60935 The Koran can be seen in the back of the small boat that is home to a family of five .
61294 Basic research funds in Japan are small and if a total of several billion yen is to be spent out of this pot , it will put a strain on other areas .
61464 Politicians changed their party labels as they pleased depending on the circumstances in their ridings and there is a concern that the campaigns offering free frills to voters and bankrolled elections exceeding that for middle-sized election districts may become rampant in small districts .
101252 There are also a couple of mid-range shopping centres in the area where you can pick up clothes or something for the home ; the Tanjong_Katong_Shopping_Complex and City_Plaza are just a short walking distance from Paya_Lebar_MRT station , and the latter is a hub for Indonesians working in Singapore , who throng the place on weekends to lend it a cheery atmosphere .

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