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61300 Student-dominated large-scale protests objecting to the settlement of the Japan-South_Korea_Treaty were taken to the streets in South_Korea .
61420 Since 1992 a large-scale investigation on corruption has been underway in Italy and over 2,000 political bigwigs including former prime ministers have been charged with the alleged bribery .
61445 While each event was a significant political shift and had an enormous impact on postwar politics , in looking back at the past year and a_half , it appears that the people 's frustration and disappointment have been amplified since even though these major changes in politics occurred , they stopped short of turning into a large-scale political reform to reach and destroy the innermost core of the existing political structure .
100691 Every year , usually in the month of September , the Chinese in Singapore observe a large-scale tradition of paying respects to the dead .
103119 Bhaskar 's dynamic dance troupe has performed at many large-scale shows , including the Singapore_Arts_Festival , HeritageFest , the National_Day_Parade and various art exhibitions .

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