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60127 Dividing them according to the boar year they were born , the largest population of 2,340,000 was born in 1947 , followed by the 1,990,000 in 1971 , clearly showing the influence of the first and second baby booms .
60160 Mr._Yohei_Kono , President_of_the_LDP , the largest party , received only 3_% ; his favorable rating is at a single-digit low level , 8_% , even in his home ground of the LDP .
60186 They drink from a large cup made by slashing live bamboo , and filled with home-made spirits .
60201 Young men come home from big cities , where they have gone to find jobs , to welcome the New_Year , when they drink , drink , and then drink .
60213 As of November 1994 , 75 percent of small to medium businesses were privatized , and a considerable number of large companies have also been privatized .
60256 It is the biggest gold mine for Cathay_Pacific in Hong_Kong and China_Airlines in Taiwan .
60296 I am surprised to receive a big prize for my anti-design behavior , as my artistic philosophy is to bring my personal feelings into my designs .
60352 The largest local Chinese language daily newspaper , the Sing_Tao_Daily , illustrates this point .
60373 They account for approximately two percent of the Hong_Kong population of six_million , and constitute the largest population of foreigners in Hong_Kong .
60380 The Central_District , home to a large number of expensive hotels and boutiques , also hears complaints such as , " Tourists avoid the area because there are too many Filipinos . "

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