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60153 Mr._Kaifu , who was in second place after Mr._Murayama , obtained the highest rating , 60_% in the NFP , though it seems rather natural .
60166 The survey unveiled a remarkable tendency that Mr._Ozawa 's favorable rating was considerably high in the NFP , but extremely low in the ruling parties .
60255 The air route between Hong_Kong and Taipei is highest in transport volume among the international routes .
60285 I am highly honored to receive such high praise for work in which I am not so confident .
60330 At the end of last year , the population stood at 87,000 people , but with the highest population growth rate in the country , it has now surpassed 100,000 .
60387 So , in spite of the high interest rates , no other choice is available .
60389 " Hong Kong is close to the Philippines and salaries are high , so many people are eager to work here . Labor conditions , however , are not favorable . "
60536 The komi system was not used and the match was tied 3-3 , but according to the rules , Sekiyama became the first Honinbo title holder as he had the higher number of points from the preliminary rounds .
60592 Japan 's highest hopes lie in the men 's 86_kilogram weight class .
60602 A high level of competition is anticipated at the world track and field championships to be held in Sweden .

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