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13873 ' Thank you , I can eat nothing , ' said Phelps .
51193 Now , ' he said , as he turned hungrily on the simple fare that our landlady had provided , ' I must discuss it while I eat , for I have not much time .
100068 Food is also a big part of this mall 's offerings , with a number of trendy eating venues like IndoChine , Din_Tai_Fung and Food_Republic , to appeal to the foodie at heart .
102796 You can also experience alfresco dining in the sky , with restaurants on the seventh and eighth floors , making this a perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a long day of shopping .
102921 Offering an All- You- Can- Eat Set Lunch and a dinner buffet , The_Rice_Table sees throngs of Indonesian food lovers each day .
103131 Another significant tradition is the Reunion_Dinner , which takes place on the Eve_of_Chinese_New_Year , and is an occasion for families to come together and eat .
103827 Eat as you like and pay as you feel here at Annalakshmi .
104297 Dining alfresco is highly recommended here , and you may meet with the trendy crowds that frequent this quaint eating spot before hitting the clubs nearby at Clarke_Quay and Tanjong_Pagar .

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