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49201 ' A cunning preparation of it , ' said Holmes , sniffing at the dead animal .
49275 It was there that he kept his hound and there also he had made preparations so that he might have a refuge .
56104 But I see that the enemy 's preparations have gone so far that we can not risk the presence of a light .
56172 The man 's business was a small one , and there was nothing in his house which could account for such elaborate preparations and such an expenditure as they were at .
61390 It could be circumstances where the plaintiff or defendant , or in some cases the lawyers , may be inundated with so many cases that they need a long time in between the oral proceedings or they do not have time for sufficient preparation .
61566 Both the Ministry_of_Education and university hospitals should start working on the preparation for a mandatory internship system as soon as possible .
103278 Devotees carrying spiked Kavadis , which require elaborate preparations , leave the temple in the later part of the morning and continue till night .
103281 In preparation for carrying a Kavadi , a devotee has to prepare himself spiritually .
104387 And for the 2010 World_Gourmet_Summit , Chef_Shewry will manifest his appreciation for organic food preparation by presenting a dish of potato slow-cooked in earth for eight hours a method inspired by the Maoris .
110055 And on he would go ; the sea is wide and the ocean of time has no limits ; spit in the sea , my friend , and it will not return , berate your destiny and you will never change it ; and so on through many preparations and circumstances until we finally arrive at the point when J. van Toch , captain of the Dutch vessel , Kandong Bandoeng , will sigh and climb down into the boat for the trip to Tana Masa where he will negotiate with the drunken half - cast of Cubanese and Portuguese extraction about certain business matters .

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