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60812 Nevertheless , Koch , believing in the theory that " sailing is science , " looked to advanced technology to meet all his needs in his Cup challenge , including the boat , sailing and management .
60999 At the university , they are instructing farmers who are trying to sell their land in management diversification and organic farming methods .
61213 However , in this case , the hard tasks of management tend to get slighted , and the quality of service falls .
61479 In the meantime , the main role of the government concerning the management of rice will be to secure a supply .
61500 Considering the foregoing , on the occasion of the first year of decentralization of power from the central government to local jurisdictions , this year gives us a golden opportunity to consider the existence and direction for local governments .
61844 For Mr._Kono , who was not a factional leader , to be made the leader as the banner man of the party revitalization gave a true account of the sense of crisis within the LDP , and numerous issues to be discussed concerning party reform such as the review of the fundamental direction of the party , the strengthening of self-purification capability , the elimination of factions , and whether or not to adopt a mandatory retirement system , were brought up at the convention .
61892 Such manuals for " crisis management , " " emergency policy " or something to that effect should have been developed and those concerned should be trained regularly .
62085 It is also true that the alliance with Russia is essential for the tasks on a global scale such as the ratification and implementation of the already agreed-upon Strategic_Arms_Reduction_Treaty ( SART ) and securing the consolidation of nuclear management .
62103 For the Great_Hanshin_Earthquake that killed the largest number of people since the end of the war , we want to ask what emergency responses and management efforts have been carried out ?
62122 They must brush up their skills in crisis response and management which is linked " vertically " in the national government , the prefectural and municipal governments including utility companies such as those for electricity and gas .

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