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11144 " It 's bad enough to feel that you are surrounded by unseen , unknown folk , who have some kind of design upon you , but when , in addition to that , you know that it is just killing your wife by inches , then it becomes as much as flesh and blood can endure .
13589 His wife is a bad lot , though .
13831 ' That is a bad sign . '
45794 ' Dear , dear , that 's bad ! ' said Holmes , shaking his head .
45796 ' Why was it bad ? '
45879 ' It chanced that some little time later Hugo left his guests to carry food and drink - with other worse things , perchance - to his captive , and so found the cage empty and the bird escaped .
45946 One Murphy , a gipsy horse-dealer , was on the moor at no great distance at the time , but he appears by his own confession to have been the worse for drink .
61146 This included the exclusion of women from the electorates , the voting age being set too high at the age of 25 or older , and voter qualifications being changed for the worse .
61735 Speaking of temporizing tactics , we wonder if worst of all would be to use the term " liberal " without defining its meaning ?
102868 It 's sometimes hard for the new visitor to Singapore to suss out the good from the bad ice kachangs out there .

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