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11083 There is always a look of fear upon her face -- a look as if she were waiting and expecting .
11141 We had not long to wait , for our Norfolk squire came straight from the station as fast as a hansom could bring him .
11174 After that I determined to lie in wait , so I got out my revolver and I sat up in my study , which overlooks the lawn and garden .
11225 I confess that I was filled with curiosity , but I was aware that Holmes liked to make his disclosures at his own time and in his own way , so I waited until it should suit him to take me into his confidence .
47024 For half an hour I waited with every nerve on the alert , but there came no other sound save the chiming clock and the rustle of the ivy on the wall .
47035 I waited quite a time , but there was no more of it , so I concluded that it was all a dream . '
47090 ' Here on the moor we are homely folk , and do not wait for formal introductions .
61111 The Sumiyoshi_Shrine in Sumiyoshi-ku , Osaka_City , which gets heavily crowded every year on the New_Year_'s_Day , was filled with visitors that rushed in after a long wait as the gate was opened at 10:00 p.m. , December 31 .
100970 As up to eight riders can participate at a time , waiting time is also cut short .
102341 Odyssey ( www.odysseynow.com.sg ) offers luxury travel onboard its Odyssey coach , which promises a leather recliner and extra leg-room , and even luxury waiting areas such as the waiting lounges located on Singapore_'s_Dunearn_Road and in Malaysia_'s_Kuala_Lumpur_City_Centre .

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