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10091 " She died just two years ago , and it is of her death that I wish to speak to you .
11530 Then he raised his face once more , and spoke with the cold composure of despair .
11578 She said that she would come down when her husband was asleep at three in the morning , and speak with me through the end window , if I would go away afterwards and leave her in peace .
11588 A cab had driven up whilst the American had been talking .
60118 At the summit , the ministers will talk about diverse issues , including the development of an optical fiber network , standardization of information communications , and digitization of the public sector , aiming at the establishment of an information and communications infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region in the multi-media age , and this summit is planned to be held annually afterwards , taking the initiative in the promotion of information technology in the region .
60379 For the Filipino women who work long hours as live-in helpers , talking together in the Central_District is a precious break .
60694 On December 23 , the suspect talked to the boy in the Transportation_Museum in Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo , and called him on the 26th to promise to meet at the Tokyo_Station .
60888 Speaking passionately is the man in charge of the Louis_Vuitton_Cup races , Pat_Healey , in the office of the America_'s_Cup_Organizing_Committee overlooking San_Diego_Bay .
61002 Tourists are served tea and fresh-picked tropical fruits and talk with the farmers in their garden .
61011 I met farmers of the Delta , the Cham_of_Cambodia and the hilltribes of Laos and Myanmar , who all talked about carrying on their traditional heritage and the future of the Mekong_River .

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