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60917 The owner of America3 , Bill_Koch , is a businessman who made his fortune in the oil industry .
61178 Since the Meiji era up to present , the practice in Japan has been that as the private economy developed and matured , government control was removed with a focus on the manufacturing industry .
61181 Those industries other than the manufacturing industry such as agricultural and service fall in such areas .
61689 As contributing factors , it cites the low productivity of industries under protection and regulations , still overly expensive land prices , and the high appreciation of the yen generated by the lopsided economical structure with a central focus on the two foregoing points .
61690 On the other hand , by now everyone says that the Japanese economy has matured and points out that the hollowing out of industry is in progress .
62032 Where Mr._Murayama had been eloquent in his last speech remarking that " efforts to dispel the public distrust in politics caused by corruption , collusive structure of the government , bureaucrats and industry and other related problems and to establish sound party politics that will truly speak for the benefit of the people are needed now more than ever , " in this speech he was curt , and said that his government would " realize the party-oriented politics making the most of the intent of the new electoral system and to ensure the total ban of corruption . "
101981 This three-day trade event provides an excellent opportunity for these key players to network and get a first-hand account of the emerging industry trends and business management strategies taking shape on the Asian fashion landscape .
101983 The Summit will cover industry challenges with dynamic and interactive sessions , business management topics , as well as inventive ideas to help ensure business sustainability in the coming years .
101984 Industry concerns will also be discussed , with expert opinions on the possible complexities that will arise as a result of rapidly evolving markets and consumer patterns .
101990 The summit rounds up with a forecast on the future of fashion , including the necessity to push the industry towards eco-friendly and sustainable practices .

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