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13603 Did you ask her why she hurried away that night ?
47038 He rang the bell and asked Barrymore whether he could account for our experience .
48939 ' When do you desire to go ? ' he asked , coldly .
49023 Ask me what you like , and there is nothing which I shall hold back .
60142 If the Diet members had been asked this question last January , how many of them would have given the name of Tomiichi_Murayama ?
101471 Do not be intimidated by this sight ; just point at the dish you fancy having ( or ask the stall helper for recommendations ) and you 'll be promptly served .
110007 If you looked up the little island of Tana Masa on the map you would find it just on the Equator , not far south of Sumatra ; but if you were on the deck of the Kandong Bandoeng and asked its captain , J. van Toch , what he thought of this Tana Masa where you ’ve just dropped anchor he would first curse for a short while and then he would tell you that it ’s the dirtiest hole all the Sunda Islands , even more loathsome than Tana Bala and easily as damnable as Pini or Banyak ; that the only apology for a human being that lives there not counting these louse - ridden Bataks , of course is a drunken commercial agent , a cross between a Cuban and a Portuguese , and an even bigger thief , pagan and pig than the whole of Cuba and the whole of the white race put together ; if there ’s anything in this world that ’s damnable then it ’s the damned life on this damned Tana Masa .

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