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13489 ' Well , it would be absurd to deny that the case is a very abstruse and complicated one ; but I can promise you that I will look into the matter and let you know any points which may strike me . '
45905 Nor can it be denied that many of the family have been unhappy in their deaths , which have been sudden , bloody , and mysterious .
46118 And yet it can not be denied that the prosperity of the whole poor , bleak country-side depends upon his presence .
47703 Now , you rascal , do you deny that it is a signal ?
48224 Why should I deny it ?
48242 ' You acknowledge then , that you made an appointment with Sir Charles at the very hour and place at which he met his death , but you deny that you kept the appointment ? '
48247 If your position is innocent , why did you in the first instance deny having written to Sir Charles upon that date ? '
60001 He also responded negatively to the possibility of dissolution of the House_of_Representatives and general elections before the end of 1995 , and clearly denied a cabinet reshuffle would take place prior to the ordinary Diet session scheduled to be convened on the 20th .

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