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60025 In the time of the Hosokawa_Cabinet , the reshuffling of the Cabinet was opposed on the grounds that Cabinet ministers who compiled the budget had to manage passage of its bill through the Diet .
60175 Dr._Brown also warned , " Another curtain will be drawn , between the East_European countries that join NATO and those that do not , " and opposed Mr._Kissinger'opinion saying , " NATO expansion is not reasonable in terms of strategy and politics , and we only have to warn Russia that in case it assumes an invasive attitude toward any of its neighbors , we will expand . "
60268 Though China , opposing Pena 's visit to Taiwan , rejected his visit , which was originally scheduled in January , it is China that wants the direct service the most .
60533 Some people were vehemently opposed to this system and Shin_Kato , 7th-level , published an essay entitled " Komi go is not go " in newspapers , so its introduction did meet with resistance .
60730 " I know he 's going to go . So I do not oppose it or anything . "
61305 The people who once opposed the signing of the Japan-ROK_Treaty as students are now part of the generation that has the real power in the political and bureaucratic circles in South_Korea .
61339 Great Britain and Italy are strongly opposing this method since " it will lead to the breakup of Europe . "
61427 It has been reported that he said , " It is an aberration for the government-run television stations to oppose the government chosen by the majority of the citizens , " and we must say that such a statement is an extremely unreasonable , disregarding the relationship between media and authority in a democratic society .
62076 In the issue concerning the expansion of the North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization ( NATO ) to include Eastern_Europe , the US , which insisted on an " early admission , " was radically opposed by Russia , which objects to the idea .

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