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60238 The ROK_President insisted , " Korean Society needs to be internationalized " towards this memorable year , as well as calling for the unification of the two Koreas , saying , " North and South must work together to open a new age of reconciliation and cooperation . "
60263 US Secretary_of_Transportation_Federico_Pena , who visited Taiwan in December , requested the Taiwanese government to let the US take part in the direct traffic when realized .
60265 Though Taiwanese authorities use this issue as political leverage , saying , " Taiwan will not approve the direct traffic until China changes its anti-Taiwan policy , " the business world is calling for the direct traffic for cost reduction .
61066 At Morioka_District_Court , in one of the cases brought to light , it appears that the prosecutor requested the judge to allow delivery of the opening statement by a judicial apprentice and the judge granted that request with consent from the defendant and the defense counsel .
61091 A member of the association offered land in suburban Sao_Paulo , and cooperation has been requested of Japanese supporters as well , in the construction planned over two years with a total budget of US$100,000 .
61124 As North_Korea had also requested an exchange project of a JSP source at about the same time , the nation 's government is positive toward the acceptance of the plan , and is now working on the details .
61516 While the Local_Government_System_Research_Council requested to eliminate that system in principle , the policy outline simply stated that , " the system will be examined . "
61764 However , the request for aid from the Mexican government to the Japanese private banks is a matter that should be assessed by the banks themselves from the mid or long-term perspective , and intrusion from the monetary authorities will be undesirable .

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