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46677 ' And have you made your will , Sir Henry ? '
60062 " We imagine a terrible future in which one day the stock market suddenly disappears from Japan , " claimed financial institutions such as banks , security companies , insurance companies , and non-life insurance companies , and concerning the relief bank for credit unions that the government and the Bank_of_Japan established in the name of " maintenance of financial system order , " they are fearing that " using taxes for relieving ' bad ' financial institutions that lost sight of their responsibility in the bubble economy is being criticized by Cabinet members , because it may cause serious problems in case of failure . If this is the case , this will be a national-level crime . "
60086 After the Murayama_Cabinet was established , we completed one of the significant stages in long-standing and difficult issues , such as political reform , tax revision , the Atomic_Bomb_Victims_Relief_Law and others .
60104 Radicals of the New_Democratic_League asserted that the new party should be established before summoning an ordinary session of the Diet .
60450 In 1935 when the then-13th shogi Meijin , Kinjiro_Sekine , decided to retire , a new title championship was established to decide the Japanese champion based on skill instead of the more than 300-year old traditional hereditary Meijin system .
60530 In 1937 the 23rd Honinbo_Shusai decided to retire and yielded the Honinbo name to the Tokyo_Nichinichi and Osaka_Mainichi_Daily_News newspapers in order to establish a Honinbo title system based on open competition .
61205 When Mr._Ogura_Masao , who originally came up with the idea for this epoch-making service , first made his application for establishing shipping charges for this small-lot parcel delivery business the Ministry_of_Transport did not accept his application documents .
61373 During this conference , it was decided to establish a common standard for the analytical method and collection of samples under the leadership of Japan .
61960 The government as well as ruling and opposition parties first and foremost must concentrate their efforts on emergency recovery measures related to the Great_Hanshin_Earthquake , and in addition to taking action to help the victims to return to a stable daily life outside of the shelters as soon as possible , it should work on establishing the fundamental anti-earthquake and disaster prevention measures utilizing the lessons they have learned from the latest earthquake .
62015 Earthquake countermeasures should be strongly promoted once the urban development policy has been firmly established .

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