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101232 Princess Terrace_Café also boasts a mean laksa that packs a punch , so while you 're in Singapore , do not forget make a visit to sample this ever- popular dish .
101512 On your trip here , do not forget also to try local Chinese favourites such as chilli crab , bak kut teh , fish head curry or rojak .
101734 If you 're looking for a place for a casual lunch or a quick family dinner , do not forget this magic kitchen .
102221 do not forget also to check out the mosque 's dome base , formed out of many glass bottles collected by devotees , and is a great sight to behold .
102244 For a brand-new shopping experience that is sure to satisfy , visit ION_Orchard today , and do not forget also to see the skyline from its 75,000 sq foot garden on the ninth floor .
102369 do not forget to capture a view of the seafront and the Merlion set against the backdrop of skyscrapers in Singapore's Central Business District while you 're here .
102505 At the end of your dining affair , just do not forget to give your unreserved compliments to the chef afterwards , and your night is surely made .
103760 Before leaving , do not forget to order a set of made-to-measure traditional Nyonya kebaya , that 's unique to Singapore .
104323 do not forget to take off your shoes and socks as you step into the main hall .

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