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11074 If these conditions are too hard , then go back to Norfolk , and leave me to the lonely life in which you found me . '
11171 " Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper , and placed under a pebble upon the sundial .
11208 My own inclination is to put half a dozen of my farm lads in the shrubbery , and when this fellow comes again to give him such a hiding that he will leave us in peace for the future . "
11212 I would not leave my wife alone all night for anything .
13267 One of them in my room , Charles Gorot , had some arrears of work to make up , so I left him there and went out to dine .
13385 You examined the room , I presume , to see if the intruder had left any traces - any cigar- end , or dropped glove , or hairpin , or other trifle ? '
61003 Customers leave small tips as they depart .
61777 In 1985 , after having been beaten with a javelin until she had welts on her face because of her " poor performance , " an_eleventh grader at a public high school in Gifu_Prefecture and a member of the girls ' track and field team committed suicide , leaving a suicide note saying , " I have no other way out . "
61928 The institutions concerned should leave no stones unturned in their efforts to rescue as many persons as possible .
62049 Financial institutions including banks are lending necessary funds for immediate use to the evacuees who had fled from their homes with their bankbooks and cards left behind , and there is a need for them to supply enough funds to the victims in cooperation with the Bank_of_Japan .

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