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10223 " And what do you think of it all , Watson ? " asked Sherlock Holmes , leaning back in his chair .
13862 Remember that I have breathed thirty miles of Surrey air this morning .
100398 To best enjoy Singapore 's tropical balmy weather while savouring our famous local delights , snag a table on the timber deck facing the road but remember to bring lots of tissues , as you 'll be sure to work up a sweat by the end of the evening .
100458 We bring you a wide variety of exquisite promotions and unique offerings for experiences you 'll be sure to remember .
101167 It 's also the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore , so remember to bring your cameras on your trek here , for memorable snaps at 77.88 metres above sea level at its highest point .
101410 On your trip here , remember to take a walk along one of the many heritage trails or visit the well-known landmarks for a complete Singapore journey .
102250 And remember to leave room for its delightful array of Nyonya kueh and desserts like the silky soya beancurd .
102867 Remember to savour this lovely dessert dish slowly , or else : Brain Freeze !
103003 When you make your hotel or tour package bookings , remember to enquire about airport transfers .

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