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60068 " They are extremely disadvantageous for the aged members and candidates who depend only on the name of the party in power , " analyzed a mainstay member who is known as an elections expert , while an influential Cabinet minister is afraid that " members of the Diet may lose their jobs and their existence value . "
60201 Young men come home from big cities , where they have gone to find jobs , to welcome the New_Year , when they drink , drink , and then drink .
60672 The year 1994 is over , filled with bleak trends and incidents including a lack of jobs , unemployed middle-aged people , and bullying-triggered suicide .
60871 The up-and-coming entrepreneur Alan_Bond , an immigrant who worked his way up with a string a successful business ventures , first challenged the Cup in 1974 .
61004 This is just a little side business , but in every house interest in the farmers ' stories was high , for example the family 's experience living through the Vietnam_War and the future of the Mekong_Delta .
61016 Three years ago job recruiters from Taiwan and Singapore came to the village .
61017 The men were offered jobs because they could understand Chinese .
61231 Mr._Kuyama , who has retired from the post of Vice-Director_of_the_UN_Human_Settlements_Program ( UN-Habitat ) , first took a job with the United_Nations_Development_Program in 1970 and rose to be its Assistant_Vice-Director after serving in the interim as part of the Japanese_UN_Delegation in New_York .
61245 Reasons for the relatively small number of international civil servants include such things as insufficient linguistic skills and dissatisfaction over job conditions like salary levels which may be lower than what one might aspire to on the domestic scene .
61572 Once clinical training becomes mandatory , interns will be unable to take part-time jobs during internship .

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