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13396 We hired a hansom , and in half an hour we were at the address which had been given to us .
46277 Out of the envelope he took a half- sheet of foolscap paper folded into four .
46365 ' It is a blank half- sheet of paper , without even a watermark upon it .
46746 ' On the contrary , I have half a sovereign for you if you will give me a clear answer to my questions . '
46786 We pulled up half-way down the street and waited an hour and a half .
60956 The Laotian capital of Vientiane , connected to Nong_Khai in northern Thailand by the " Friendship Bridge , " has changed completely in just half a year .
61965 In opening the Diet session , we first want to ask the ruling and opposition parties , through debate , to clearly present to the nation such options as what criteria voters can look for to determine their voting in the " three major elections , " which in turn will determine the political trend for the latter half of the 1990s .
101023 To preserve the grandeur and allure of the old dame , it will close later this year for an extensive two- and- half year renovation , before reopening in 2013 .
101401 It remained occupied by the Japanese for the next three and half years , a time marked by great oppression and an immense loss of lives .
103007 There are several companies that provide the airport transfer service , which you can book even before you travel to Singapore , a half or full day in advance .

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