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11073 If you take me , Hilton , you will take a woman who has nothing that she need be personally ashamed of , but you will have to be content with my word for it , and to allow me to be silent as to all that passed up to the time when I became yours .
11529 For five minutes he was silent .
46924 Even Baskerville fell silent and pulled his overcoat more closely around him .
47811 He groaned , and was silent for a few moments .
48188 She was silent and her face was very pale .
49039 He frightened me into remaining silent . '
49483 He tied her up , therefore , that she might have no chance of warning Sir Henry , and he hoped , no doubt , that when the whole country-side put down the baronet 's death to the curse of his family , as they certainly would do , he could win his wife back to accept an accomplished fact , and to keep silent upon what she knew .

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