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18549 At the same time , it is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to recognise danger when it is close upon you .
18606 But at last he made a trip - only a little , little trip - but it was more than he could afford , when I was so close upon him .
47241 She had come from the direction in which the plume of smoke indicated the position of Merripit House , but the dip of the moor had hid her until she was quite close .
48763 ' We 're at close grips at last , ' said Holmes , as we walked together across the moor .
49157 Then he came swiftly along the path , passed close to where we lay , and went on up the long slope behind us .
49493 If Stapleton came into the succession , how could he explain the fact that he , the heir , had been living unannounced under another name so close to the property ?
51089 It was close upon four before the door opened , and a drunken- looking groom , ill- kempt and side- whiskered , with an inflamed face and disreputable clothes , walked into the room .
51210 You are to station yourself close to that open window . '
56065 ' We are close there now , ' my friend remarked .

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