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60303 This is a matter of course as he shoulders the legacy of his teacher , Yaichi_Kusube , but whereas Kusube devoted himself to the elegantly decorative Saitei style , Imai 's style is not colorful , but rather uses an intricate inlay technique to create the unrestrained designs that have become his own unique style .
100319 With such a colourful presentation , it is not hard to fall for the dish , especially after you 've tasted the marriage between the refreshing tartness of the thosai and the rich and spicy flavours of the accompanying dips .
100380 They settled in several parts throughout Singapore , but their legacy is best showcased in the colourful shophouses and homes in the Joo_Chiat district which sport sculpted facades of animal reliefs and hand-crafted ceramic tiles .
100382 Take a walk down Joo_Chiat_Road and drink in the colourful scenery of Joo_Chiat 's buildings .
101205 Colourful Indian outfits , intricate costume jewellery and traditional arts and craft are also on sale .
102161 This family business has been around in Singapore for more than 70 years , and sells affordable and colourful Indonesia batik , ranging from men 's and women 's shirts to bags and fabrics sold by the metre .
102192 For colourful swathes of Indonesian batik , visit Basharahil_House_of_Batik ; select your own custom-made scent at Jamal_Kazura_Aromatics ; and enjoy Hindi music while shopping for glittery bangles at the Little_India_Arcade .
102640 Traditional instruments such as the erhu , drums and cymbals are commonly used in Chinese opera , accompanied by colourful and outlandish costumes and rich makeup to create mesmerising yet culturally-steeped performances .
103118 Troupe members have been specially trained in Kerala , South_India , well-known for its use of colourful make-up , and intricate hand and eye co-ordination .
103280 The festival is a visual spectacle and it often brings traffic in the city centre to a standstill , with a colourful procession full of chanting and dizzying rhythms of Indian drums .

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