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13340 ' But I was not satisfied , and the attempts which he made to draw me away increased my suspicions .
61049 People migrating within China have also increased , and the town has bathed in the limelight as one of the biggest tourist destinations .
61247 As part of the effort to cultivate more kokusaijin , we need to see more initiatives , with cooperation from both governmental and private sectors , to increase the numbers of Japanese international civil servants .
61406 Taking into consideration this aspect , it would seem reasonable for the Ministry_of_Justice , unlike the other government ministries and agencies , to have a policy to increase personnel .
61697 As a result , pay hikes had always been restrained , thus failing to increase disposable income .
61707 But this collides head-on with Nikkeiren 's argument about the ability of companies to increase wages .
61710 Moreover , Rengo is strongly promoting the independent agreement between the labor and the management in each industry , which is increasing the complexity of the spring offensive .
61877 But seeing the images of the disaster area after the earthquake has struck must have increased the anxiety of many people .
61901 In particular , the collapsed elevating structures for expressways which had been supposedly able to withstand the magnitude equivalent to that for the Great_Kanto_Earthquake as well as the fallen bridges for the bullet trains which had been the creme de la creme this engineering giant had to offer further increased the nation 's fear and anxiety .
62048 Demands for money in order to buy day-to-day items , to reopen stores , to repair houses and for other things are expected to increase sharply .

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