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11280 " I should be proud to feel that we were acting together , Mr. Holmes , " said the inspector , earnestly .
13539 ' Then we 'll look into this matter together .
47529 ' Then we shall do it together . '
49285 We planted them together , he and I , to mark the pathway through the Mire .
56167 They put in the advertisement ; one rogue has the temporary office , the other rogue incites the man to apply for it , and together they manage to secure his absence every morning in the week .
61077 In 1995 , we will continue to try to provide a newspaper aimed at thinking together with you .
61291 As the US has strong feelings about the LHC due to the aborted domestic project , the two rivals , the US and Western_Europe , will find themselves working together on the accelerator science .
61967 It seems more and more likely that all opposition parties , except for the Communist_Party , joined together to form the New_Frontier_Party ( Shinshin_Party ) at the last minute to deal with the single-seat constituency system with their differences in political agenda being left unresolved , and , to begin with , the Murayama administration itself is a coalition government that was formed without any consideration for the political principles or agenda .
101484 Together with the executive chefs of Singapore 's best restaurants , international star chefs will whip up nothing less than the finest gourmet creations that are sure to delight .

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