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60177 The Republican_Party has also recently started to push harder line policies , insisting , " It is unacceptable that Russia has a veto over the future of NATO or the U.S. role in Europe , " and , " The United_States shall act as the winner of the Cold_War . "
60293 He has created one masterpiece after another while continuing to amaze us , and recently he has used computers to produce heretofore unseen types of art .
60436 Raji has had more opportunities recently to travel to India on business .
61021 Just recently , a one-hectare cultivated field on farmland that neighbors caves has been banned .
61487 For example , lately , the downsizing by approximately 2,800 was carried out over the five years prior to 1993 and the current quota is approximately 11,500 .
61669 Until recently the Social_Democratic_Party , of which the prime minister is a member , had challenged the government in the Diet over the interpretation of this clause .
61767 While the reason for suicide varies depending on the case including bullying , in the recently revealed case of a girl in the eighth-grade in Habikino_City , Osaka , the reason for suicide was the heavy-handed training by the coach for the school softball team .
61906 It is eerie that there has been a series of substantial earthquakes lately .
61984 Recently , some seismologists are adamant that " prediction is impossible . "
62034 Some parts of his latest speech are better modulated .

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