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11018 " Very likely not ; but I can quickly show you a close connection .
11272 How could you hear of it in London and get to the spot as soon as I ? "
60197 Alcohol takes effect quickly .
61371 With the nerve disorder caused by methyl mercury in particular , recovery is difficult and therefore local epidemiological study and medical care must be made available quickly .
61733 To begin with , what is making the concept of this new party unclear is that aside from those members who are genuinely considering the third viable political force , there are unexpectedly many members who are trying to win the support of the New_Frontier_Party due to the situation at their respective ridings , overlapping with the coalition 's hidden agenda to quickly patch up the possible split between the SDP and the former Democratic_Socialist_Party .
61941 The problem is that the system to quickly deliver these relief supplies to the disaster area and to efficiently distribute them among the residents is not functioning properly .
61947 In addition , a system to quickly , evenly and timely distribute the necessary supplies to all of the victims should be devised .
62104 The emergency center based on the Disaster_Measures_Basic_Law was organized within the government relatively quickly .
62109 With cabinet orders , policy practitioners could have quickly developed necessary measures without going through the red tape of their upper administrative authorities .
100032 The thin noodles are blanched quickly , giving it an al dente texture .

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