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47019 Far away a chiming clock struck out the quarters of the hours , but otherwise a deathly silence lay upon the old house .
47844 There is nothing so deceptive as the distance of a light upon a pitch-dark night , and sometimes the glimmer seemed to be far away upon the horizon and sometimes it might have been within a few yards of us .
48438 Far away came the sharp clink of a boot striking upon a stone .
48583 The cry had been loud on account of its vehemence , but it had pealed out from somewhere far off on the shadowy plain .
48646 Far away , miles off , in the direction of Grimpen , a single steady yellow light was shining .
49148 ' We are going too far , ' said Holmes .
50905 It is in a German- speaking country - in Bohemia , not far from Carlsbad .
101626 Located at Fort_Canning_Centre , it made its debut in June the same year at the Singapore_Festival_of_The_Arts ( now called the Singapore_Arts_Festival ) and has since gone on to further critical acclaim , staging numerous shows both in Singapore and on the world stage .
101868 The Sri_Warisan dance troupe even went further to perform to critical acclaim at the 41st International_Festival_of_Folklore in the Mediterranean and the World_Expo , both which were in Spain .
110227 It goes on just like this as far as the shore .

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