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10019 I rapidly threw on my clothes and was ready in a few minutes to accompany my friend down to the sitting-room .
10578 My attention was speedily drawn , as I have already remarked to you , to this ventilator , and to the bell- rope which hung down to the bed .
11170 " Our material is rapidly accumulating , " said he .
11364 Otherwise the fumes of powder could not have been blown so rapidly through the house .
11426 If there is an afternoon train to town , Watson , I think we should do well to take it , as I have a chemical analysis of some interest to finish , and this investigation draws rapidly to a close . "
11482 The addition of a P and a D completed a message which showed me that the rascal was proceeding from persuasion to threats , and my knowledge of the crooks of Chicago prepared me to find that he might very rapidly put his words into action .
13243 ' I was , as Watson may have told you , in the Foreign Office , and through the influence of my uncle , Lord Holdhurst , I rose rapidly to a responsible position .
60344 They bought houses in the northern part of the city , in places like Scarborough , North_York and Richmond_Hill , built shopping centers and rapidly established " Hong Kong_Towns " in each area .
100086 Like the very best American pop cultural exports , paintballing has rapidly grown into a mainstay on the Singapore recreational industry , with numerous battlegrounds sprouting all over the country .
101984 Industry concerns will also be discussed , with expert opinions on the possible complexities that will arise as a result of rapidly evolving markets and consumer patterns .

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