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11487 If this Abe Slaney , living at Elrige 's , is indeed the murderer , and if he has made his escape while I am seated here , I should certainly get into serious trouble . "
13949 A few minutes elapsed , as you remember , before the sleepy commissionaire drew your attention to the bell , and those were just enough to give the thief time to make his escape .
18628 The only conceivable escape for him lay in silencing my tongue .
47387 A fortnight has passed since his flight , during which he has not been seen and nothing has been heard of him .
48640 Uncle and nephew have been murdered - the one frightened to death by the very sight of a beast which he thought to be supernatural , the other driven to his end in his wild flight to escape from it .
48676 Barrymore had passed it on in order to help Selden in his escape .
49307 ' Thrown there by Stapleton in his flight . '
49311 And he hurled it away at this point of his flight .
56086 Then they will not lose a minute , for the sooner they do their work the longer time they will have for their escape .
102402 The temple and those within escaped the bombings unscathed .

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