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11400 At first he had shown some disposition to assert his own position , but now he was overcome with admiration , and ready to follow without question wherever Holmes led .
11430 Finally he led the way into the drawing-room , with the remark that the business was now out of our hands , and that we must while away the time as best we might until we could see what was in store for us .
11446 " But now came the real difficulty of the inquiry .
13323 Now we both rushed along the corridor and down the steep steps which led to Charles Street .
13712 There could be no doubt what the sounds were now .
18585 So much is known to the world , but what I am telling you now is what I have myself discovered .
45748 ' Now , you will observe that he could not have been on the staff of the hospital , since only a man well- established in a London practice could hold such a position , and such a one would not drift into the country .
45773 Now he halted in the recess of the window .
45803 ' And now , Dr James Mortimer- '
45877 Now , the poor lass upstairs was like to have her wits turned at the singing and shouting and terrible oaths which came up to her from below , for they say that the words used by Hugo Baskerville , when he was in wine , were such as might blast the man who said them .

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