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60022 I can not understand why they should leave our party now .
60053 Now , we are entering an era when we need a drastic reform , as we did just after the war .
60054 The bureaucrat-led system that brought about miraculous economic growth has now become an obstacle and even causes malfunctioning of the system .
60072 That will be the direction of the structural change of politics , the economy , and administration that Japan is now confronted with .
60123 The ROK government is now preparing the agenda off-stage , and will present practical suggestions at the senior-official level APEC meeting in Fukuoka in the middle of February .
60330 At the end of last year , the population stood at 87,000 people , but with the highest population growth rate in the country , it has now surpassed 100,000 .
60372 The number of women leaving the Philippines in order to work continues to increase annually , and an estimated 110,000 to 120,000 women are working in Hong_Kong at present .
60383 At present , however , few people use them .

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