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13671 ' Of course it is a possible supposition that the thief has had a sudden illness- '
18693 I knocked him down , and the police have him in custody ; but I can tell you with the most absolute confidence that no possible connection will ever be traced between the gentleman upon whose front teeth I have barked my knuckles and the retiring mathematical coach , who is , I dare say , working out problems upon a blackboard ten miles away .
46881 I tell you it is all as new to me as it is to Dr Watson , and I 'm as keen as possible to see the moor . '
47130 But as to your own researches , if there is any possible way in which I can be of service to you , I trust that you will command me .
49498 There were three possible courses .
61733 To begin with , what is making the concept of this new party unclear is that aside from those members who are genuinely considering the third viable political force , there are unexpectedly many members who are trying to win the support of the New_Frontier_Party due to the situation at their respective ridings , overlapping with the coalition 's hidden agenda to quickly patch up the possible split between the SDP and the former Democratic_Socialist_Party .
61890 As such , follow-up measures based on the possible damage should be an issue we should always keep in mind .
61995 We expect that the potential and limitations of earthquake predictions will be fully explained to the nation .
102195 You may want to embark on a scenic driving trip to Singapore yourself , especially if you reside in nearby cities in Malaysia or Thailand .

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