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45712 He had never said as much before , and I must admit that his words gave me keen pleasure , for I had often been piqued by his indifference to my admiration and to the attempts which I had made to give publicity to his methods .
45927 His generous donations to local and county charities have been frequently chronicled in these columns .
48953 ' But that is the very thing which you have so often cautioned me not to do . '
49458 When I was watching Stapleton , Cartwright was frequently watching you , so that I was able to keep my hand upon all the strings .
49478 By encouraging the intimacy he made it certain that Sir Henry would frequently come to Merripit House , and that he would sooner or later get the opportunity which he desired .
61401 Rulings that follow government administration and those that follow precedents have also been frequently brought up , and it is not hard to imagine that the current caseload situation does not have anything to do with them .
100036 The local version is often eaten dry , and sometimes comes with deep-fried dumplings as well .
102545 Also enjoy an ice-cold glass of beer while watching free street performances frequently organised by arts centre Esplanade Theatres on the Bay , located just next door .
102555 Zapin is frequently used in variety shows on Malay television today as it is most festive by nature , while the joget possesses strong Portuguese influences .
104292 The mall also often runs special privileges and promotions just for tourists like you .

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