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60259 The amount of indirect trade between China and Taiwan through Hong_Kong reaches as much as 15_billion_dollars a year .
61220 Certainly there are many factors that will entail a certain amount of " pain , " but we must not allow these reforms to end up just as reforms to benefit certain special interests .
61366 The amount of mercury dumped in the water , including tributaries such as the Tapajos_River and Negro_River , at approximately 2,000 sites where gold has been collected is said to be anywhere between 1,800 and 2,000_tons .
61372 The immediate task is to accurately obtain the amount of the total mercury and methyl mercury in water , soil , fish and human hair , blood and urine using the analytical method developed by the National_Institute_for_Minamata_Disease .
61477 Under the new system , as long as growers report the quantity , they can sell rice to anybody with no restrictions without going through the government .
61480 As the standard rice reserves including the minimum import access are set at about 1.5_million_tons , the quantity of domestic rice that the government will purchase is expected to be up to just over 1_million_tons .
61481 Considering that the quantity of rice the government purchased topped 3 to 4_million_tons until several years ago , the Food_Agency 's role will be significantly reduced .
61483 The amount of paperwork and guidance or monitoring in this respect will also be reduced .
61702 After switching its demand from percentage-based increases to one based on amount from this year 's spring offensive , Rengo 's target is for 14,000_yen , including an annual pay raise of 5,600_yen .
61705 The reason for the switch of the expression from percentage to amount was that if everyone received the same percentage increase , it would not reduce the wage disparities between the industries with a high basic pay and those with a low one .

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