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60095 He told journalists , " In spite of my sudden return to Oita , the local people welcomed me warmly , so I was very grateful to them in my hometown . I felt that I must make further efforts in response to their anticipation . "
60136 The decrease of the deaths is considered to be because last year saw very little outbreak of influenza , which killed about 16,000 , most of which were seniors , in 1993 .
60264 Though this is the US secretary of transportation 's first visit to Taiwan based on the Clinton_Administration 's new policy toward Taiwan which approves of exchanges of economic ministers , Mr._Pena was very quick to get right down to business .
60371 It is very common for middle-class and higher double income families to hire maids .
60514 While he was the victor , he lost witnessing the final moment of a very important game .
60579 When traveling abroad , we find a kimono very useful at a party .
60635 Kenzaburo_Oe attended the awarding ceremony at the TBS building in Akasaka , Tokyo , and commented in rejoice , " We are very much pleased . "
60969 About 30_kilometers south of the old capital in the mountains is a small and very poor ethnic Mon village of about 300 people or 50 households , where the men quietly leave to work elsewhere .
61170 On a very hot day in the end of August last year , a speaker who was an economic heavy-weight passed away .
61180 However , the deregulation did not go forward very well in some areas .

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