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11447 The order of the English letters after E is by no means well marked , and any preponderance which may be shown in an average of a printed sheet may be reversed in a single short sentence .
18831 We sat in the Strasburg salle-à-manger arguing the question for half an hour , but the same night we had resumed our journey and were well on our way to Geneva .
46871 In a very few hours the brown earth had become ruddy , the brick had changed to granite , and red cows grazed in well- hedged fields where the lush grasses and more luxuriant vegetation spoke of a richer , if a damper , climate .
47372 My previous letters and telegrams have kept you pretty well up-to-date as to all that has occurred in this most Godforsaken corner of the world .
48020 And then again , sir , we were both of us very fond of Sir Charles , as we well might be considering all that he has done for us .
49420 With characteristic promptness and audacity he set about this at once , and we can not doubt that the boots or chambermaid of the hotel was well bribed to help him in his design .
60224 It has become sure that the political crisis in Italy , sparked by the resignation of Prime_Minister_Berlusconi , will extend well into next year , while in another political move , a committee has been formed to push into the Prime_Minister post the former Prosecutor_DiPietro , who had resigned to protest " political pressure " regarding the corruption investigation .
101355 The modern sensibility extends to the menu as well , dishing out signature items such as crisp duck , pork belly baked ribs and crystal champagne jello , typical of any self-respecting upscale Chinese_Restaurant .
101550 Families looking for an all-in-one attraction should visit Sentosa , which offers an exciting array of adventurous activities , historical monuments , as well as world-class entertainment spots , including Resorts_World_Sentosa .
102493 Chilli and sweet bean sauce , as well as sesame seeds , are some of the essential accompaniments when eating Yong_Tau_Foo .

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