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10410 The object which had caught his eye was a small dog lash hung on one corner of the bed .
11048 Why should you attribute any importance to so grotesque an object ? "
48616 On its jagged face was spread-eagled some dark , irregular object .
49238 Instead we were faced by an object so strange and so unexpected that we stood for a moment staring at it in amazement .
60819 Attention may focus on how far the women can advance in fierce competition demanding strength and stamina , but conversely it will be interesting to see if an object can really be made that will allow women to win over the men 's greater physical might .
61117 Kato 's wife , Kikuko , said , " I heard a banging noise as made by a falling object between two and three o'clock a.m. , " and the police are investigating the relationship between her story and the incident .
100872 Royal Selangor 's talented in-house design team and versatile manufacturing capabilities have created stylish objects that have received awards such as Germany_'s_Design_Plus , Red_Dot and the Japanese_G-Mark .
100876 Many floral motifs are featured in Peranakan objects , but lush peony blossoms are most often seen .
102754 Step back in time at this quaint antiques and collectibles store that specialises in objects from yesteryear .
103330 As part of South_Korea_'s_Theatre_Moollee , Han combines movement , text , object manipulation and live Korean percussion music in this splendid production .

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