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10235 咱们 自然 " " 今天 晚上 北沃尔沙姆 火车

What are you going to do yourself ? " (eng)

11343 今天 晚上 一定 门锁 进去

I suppose , Doctor , you have not recovered the bullet which wounded the lady ? " (eng)

11474 我们 在一起 谈话 今天 晚上 起来 的确 顾虑 因为 确实 存在 明显 危险 因素

" What did you do then , sir ? " asked the inspector . (eng)

60673 参拜 神社 佛堂 道路 三十一日 夜晚 黑压压 挤满 焦急 等待 新年 拜谒 人们

On the night of December 31 , approaches to temples and shrines nationwide were jam-packed with people who could not wait until New_Year_'s_Day to pay the year 's first visit . (eng)

101273 不妨 挑选 悠闲 夜晚 上心 圣淘沙 好好 体验 优雅 美食 奥秘

Keep an entire evening free to explore this sophisticated alcove in Sentosa with a loved one . (eng)

101843 此外 可以 开张 滨海 堤坝 度过 浪漫 夜晚 —— 香槟 观看 远处 焰火 感受 浓烈 节日 氛围

Otherwise , there is always the option of a romantic night out at the newly-opened Marina_Barrage , where you can pop a bottle of champagne and watch the fireworks from a distance , while partaking in the lively and exciting vibe . (eng)

102822 气氛 热乎乎 苹果馅饼 肉桂 冰淇淋 巧克力 薄脆 感受 巧克力 牛奶 巧克力 巧克力 丝柔 于是 原本 浪漫 夜晚 之间 高潮

Top off your evening with a bite of the warm apple pie soufflé with cinnamon stick ice-cream or a taste of the Chocolate_Terrine , a three- tiered chocolate experience comprising white , milk and dark chocolate . (eng)

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